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Timberly Williams

Timberly Williams


Timberly Williams

All Season Outdoor Furniture for any Outdoor Living Space

Relaxing in a luxury spa has more benefits than just relaxation. Health and Wellness benefits include:

• Hydrotherapy - with directed jets of water on parts of the body, skeletal, respiratory, circulatory, neuromuscular and digestive systems.

• Restful Sleep - the circulation and warmth of each Artesian Spa can help muscles relax and calm the body.

• Stress Relief - Massage major pressure points with positioned jets and sooth body aches.

• Arthritic Relief - The heated water can cause better blood flow, while buoyancy can relieve the strain of gravity on your frame - relieving arthritis and fibromyalgia.

• Type 2 Diabetes - Blood Sugar Levels have been known to decrease and improve sleep after spending 30 minutes per day in the spa.


Why Choose POLYWOOD® Furniture?

POLYWOOD® Outdoor Furniture is built to last and has a mission of sustainability. Over 30 years ago, POLYWOOD® was the first to create weatherproof outdoor furniture using recycled plastic materials. Using landfill-bound and ocean-bound plastic, this furniture will last for generations. 

Weatherproof and waterproof - this heavy-duty patio furniture won't splinter, crack, chip, peel or rot. POLYWOOD is built to last and comes with a 20-Year Warranty. Our weather-resistant patio furniture cleans easily with soap and water - no paint, stain or waterproofing required. UV inhibitors and stabilizers protect from environmental degradation and along with light stable pigments so that you can enjoy rich color for years to come.


Create a Cozy Outdoor Setting

Enjoy the outdoors with friends and family in comfort and style. Arklahoma Spas and Outdoors carries a wide selection furniture styles, colors, cushion designs and furniture configurations. Consultations are free! Stop in today to create your cozy outdoor living space. 

Create a space to play games, eat outdoors or sip coffee and enjoy Sunsets together!

No matter how many guests you hope to seat at your outdoor table, Arklahoma Spas and Outdoors have options that will fit your space. No matter the season or reason to gather, POLYWOOD® Dining Sets have design options to make your outdoor seating just as comfortable as your indoor seating.


Simply Enjoy...

Create seating areas that allow you to rest comfortably and just enjoy the life around you.

Adirondack Chairs for
any Outdoor Setting

Whether Classic Adirondack Chairs or more Modern versions of the Adirondack Chairs, Arklahoma Spas and Outdoors can:

• Help you select the right seating for your outdoor space.

• Choose from a selection of designs

• Choose the color scheme that will work best for your space.

• Arklahoma Spas and Outdoors experts will deliver and place your furniture in the space requested.

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