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Timberly Williams

Timberly Williams


Timberly Williams

SPAS Provide Great Health Benefits

Relaxing in a luxury spa has more benefits than just relaxation. Health and Wellness benefits include:

• Hydrotherapy - with directed jets of water on parts of the body, skeletal, respiratory, circulatory, neuromuscular and digestive systems.

• Restful Sleep - the circulation and warmth of each Artesian Spa can help muscles relax and calm the body.

• Stress Relief - Massage major pressure points with positioned jets and sooth body aches.

• Arthritic Relief - The heated water can cause better blood flow, while buoyancy can relieve the strain of gravity on your frame - relieving arthritis and fibromyalgia.

• Type 2 Diabetes - Blood Sugar Levels have been known to decrease and improve sleep after spending 30 minutes per day in the spa.

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Quality Ergonomic Design & Construction, Superior Plumbing & Quality Insulation

Arklahoma Spas and Outdoors believe in the quality of their products. Starting with building frames that are pressure-treated lumber on top of a full ABS Base. The insulation provides the highest quality and efficient heat retention rating available in any spa. The hand sculpted acrylic shells with Diamondbond backing. The Jets rotate on bearings for ease of adjustment. 

Get a luxury outdoor spa with all the bells and whistles. We carry top-branded Spas with care products and available add-ons such as:

• Bluetooth and transducer audio system

• FROG inline sanitation system

• UV/Ozone sanitation upgrade

• Air injectors with blower

• Aromatherapy injection

• LED Jetting package

Plus, you'll love Sun Wave Spas' therapeutic thecnology. Whether you want a completely new spa system or you need to purchase hot tub chemicals, covers and filters, the team at Arklahoma Spas & Outdoors is here to help. 

Professional Service - Fast Turn Around

Arklahoma provides speedy and professional delivery and installation, technical expertise for maintenance and accessories to elevate your enjoyment of the products. Arklahoma Spas & Outdoors handle the following: Spas, Spa Covers, Travertines, Tiles, Luxury Grills, Backyard Kitchens, Luxury Fire Pits, Water Testing and Design Services. In addition, all Pool and Spa Services are supplied with parts, chemicals and water testing supplies. No detail is left behind. The Arklahoma Family believes in making sure you have everything you need to maximize your outdoor living experience, your ability to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature around you and to share your little piece of heaven if you like.

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